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Minty Forest ➰ Gypsy & The Joker Scarf


Regular price $60.00
gypsy head scarf byron bay from handsof imagination
gypsy head scarf byron bay from handsof imagination

The Gypsy and the Joker scarf is a unique combination of sustainable materials carefully sourced and pieced together.

The scarf is created piece by piece and individually layered then sowed together with magic to give you the elegant and  beautiful 

Gypsy and the Joker Scarf.

The head worn Scarf can also be worn as a regular scarf though there is nothing regular about it, the G & J Scarf is slow made with magic and has been channeled for someone exactly like you, it has been consciously hand made with love for your free spirit and enjoyment.

Forest tassels, bones, mints and pinks create this Minty Forest design, vintage laces, mint and forest green materials welcome the adornment of your crown. 

This design is one of a kind and sustainably handmade in Australia.



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