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A Byron Bay Romance

The Story of how Hands met Floral a Byron Bay Romance.
One of our best terms of endearment as Australians is our Aussie slang, the way we easily and affectionately take names which we love and shorten them into the appropriate fit….
Example: Mc Donald’s turns into Maccas, Red Rooster turns into Rooter, Harvey Norman turns into Harvey’s, Hands of Imagination into Hands.
This is a love story not just any love story, this is a story of how Hands Aka Hands of Imagination developed under the twinkling stars of Byron Bay into its amazing Millinery/Floral & hire romance.
Hands has been a reputable Australian business for 18 yrs, leading in and pioneering sustainable fashion and design. Like all things they change we change and sometimes our lives change in such a way.....   
that doors fly open, hearts start fluttering, mandalas start spinning, wings start growing and energy starts moving! and there you find yourself standing on the edge..... of belief presented with a chance or maybe it’s written carved somewhere on an ancient scroll hidden by the Mermaids under the sea of Byron Bay... that you will find love and share your purpose.
Hands found her purpose her romance she knew right away Floral was the one!
The one you want to spend the rest of your life loving, Hands heart started pumping, the earth started shaking and like the magic that fills your whole body watching the full moon light up a midnight beach, she saw the beautiful, bountiful, blooming Floral.
Sometimes you just know it’s time to let things go so you can make room for the new to fly in, Hands knew that making and repurposing cloths was on the way out yet her love for her millinery was developing and her romance with Floral was merging her two best gifts to share with the world. Hands tipped her hat to Floral and it was love at first site they embraced.... Spell bound by each other’s energy, like two old souls but two new lovers they became each other’s world and just like that under the stars of Byron Bay on a balmy summers night the Mermaids released their enchantment spell upon them to create how Hands meets Floral.
Floral Hoop with flowers for hire